Network VAPT

Protect your Network from Internal and External Threat Actors.

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Network architecture becomes complex every passing day. Internal networks and the external networks fuse seamlessly to suit the ways of working in the modern-day world. As information technology landscape adds to itself diverse Mobile Devices, Cloud-based infrastructure, applications & services, Social Media and other contemporary concepts, threats loom large.

The safety of the firewalls is no more assured as internal networks access the external ones and privileged users from the outside have penetrated into the firewall itself.

Network Penetration Testing involves rigorous testing of the controls, frameworks and processes designed for the networks related to the system. It lays out procedures to penetrate into key networks of the system with an aim to identify security susceptibilities and mitigate them much before the attackers do from multiple entry points at different levels.

In a nutshell, a competent Network Pen Test would start off by investigating for information leakages. Next, it undertakes the herculean task of scanning the multiple and ever increasing devices, which are also the entry points to the system. After identifying the susceptible devices, the testing procedures set out guidelines to tighten the safety procedures making defiance tough for the intruders. Alerts too, are integrated into the security procedures as a part of infringement management.


Penetration Testing

  • External Penetration Test
    • Conducted from the internet as an external network
    • Exposes the vulnerabilities as seen from the internet through the firewall
    • Identification of types of resources exposed to the outer world
  • Internal Penetration Test
    • To check the risks from within the internal network like LAN
    • Assesses threats coming from the workforce or processes within the Enterprise
    • Attempts breaches on internal networks through legitimate user credentials and the privilege levels
    • Relies on Social Engineering Testing

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