Strengthening your
Enterprise Security.

A tailor-made security roadmap designed exclusively as per the needs of your organization with the objective to improve the overall security posture of your enterprise.

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Engineer Security into your Enterprise SDLC.

Key Highlights

Asset Management

Onboard all your applications onto a single ecosystem and with meaningful visual insights, know what are your topmost critical assets at any given point of time.

Vulnerability Management

With advanced threat intelligence and auto-prioritization, learn what vulnerabilities need your utmost attention resulting in save 30% of operational time of your team.

Exploit Trend

Strobes calculates the trend of an exploit by capturing the metadata about each vulnerability that gets reported by various sources and automatically communicates with threat intel feeds to verify exploit availability and patch availability.

Prioritise Fixes

Often IT teams are forced into oblivion due to the sheer number of findings that needs to be fixed. However, not every critical findings needs your immediate attention. Strobes will auto-prioritise your efforts based on exploit trends.

Security Pipelines

Strobes allows you to create security pipelines by seamlessly integrating multiple security, development and ticketing platforms with each other. Thus enabling you to configure time or event-based scans.

A glimpse into how Strobes helps you manage your enterprise application security?

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Security Pipelines
Trigger event or time-based security scans.
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Strobes - the magic wand for your enterprise security.